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A Sequence from a request to productization - Work flow -
The Sanwa WINGS Co., Ltd. would like to hear your ideas/concerns for the productization of your requests. We will sincerely assist you with proposing a project, developing, manufacturing and delivering products. We heartily take care of your request with full responsibilities until a product meets your satisfaction. We believe that is our primary mission.

Hearing from you
This is an initial step to commercialize your request. First, please share a concept, target or image of your idea with us. Even if you are newly in the cosmetic industry and have uncertainties, we will support you with everything.

We will plan concepts and sales strategies
We will perform market research based on a consultation with you, and will plan concepts and sales strategies in accordance with your requests. We will propose our plans to commercialize your original products with high added value of our trustful experiences and commodities.
Developing a formula / providing a prototype
We will confirm a safety in order to commercialize your request with a full reliability.
We will certainly conduct a preservative examination of the safety and a test of the consistency of a product so that customers can reliably use our products. To cope with an evaluation of prototype specification, an examination of consistency and safety, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and Product Liability Law, we will provide endorsements to the safety and quality of a product.

Estimating / Ordering
Once we finalize a formula and package design of a product, we will provide an official estimation and then you can place an order.
Manufacturing / Delivering
Please leave this to us.
We can produce any amount with suitable equipment. Then we will examine severe quality control and delivery reliable products to you.

Follow-up service
We will sincerely take care of you even after delivering products. First we can check the progress of sales or repeat order and shift. Then we can provide a wide range of follow-up service such as improving a formula, renewing a product, proposing additional products and etc. based on market or trend research.