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Let's solve your questions and concerns together. - Q&A -
If you have any misgivings about us, a great product won't be produced. Until you are satisfied, you shall pursue to solve any questions and concerns. That is an essential step to produce an ideal products.

Q What sort of products can we order?
We have more than 50 years of long history in making products such as face wash, skincare, hair-care, body-care, oral-care items. Our sophisticated technology and know-how enables us to produce a wider variety of products from skincare products to medicated products. Please share your image with us first. We will form your image to an ideal product with complete original receipt.

Q I am a beginner to cosmetic products. Will you be able to counsel to product planning and marketing?
We will assist you on product planning from the scratch as an OEM/ODM advisor. We will conduct every process for your order such as product planning, market research, product development, package designing, production process and follow-up without any compromising. We assure you that we will deliver the highest level of products under severe quality control.

Q How shall I decide a design of a product?
We have dedicated designers. We will take care of everything; brand logo, container, package design, advertising design for sales, and web design.

Q What is the minimum amount?
We are pleased to handle even small amount. Please feel free to ask any inquiries. We can give you the best suggestion according to your request.

Q How much does it cost?
The price range varies depending on production variety, specification, and amount. We can propose the best solution upon your request if you have ideas, such as the price and the amount.

Q How much does it cost for a development of a product?
We don't basically accept any expense for the development. We will thoroughly pursue your expectation and do our best to create an ideal product as much as possible until you are satisfied.

Q How long will it take to receive a prototype?
For an unmilled soap, it will take 1 month, and for general cosmetic products, it will approximately take 2-3 weeks.
Q Will I be able to arrange a component I would like to use?
Of course, we will sincerely listen to all your requests and reflect it onto a prototype to create an ideal product. We customize all the products with your preferred ingredients so your product is the one and only with a complete original formula.

Q I would like to produce cosmetic items in accordance with our company's concept.
Please share your concept or even just an image with us. Our dedicated advisor will propose an ideal product along with your image.

Q I own a company, which is not in a cosmetic industry, yet will I be able to enter into the cosmetic industry?
We will assist you everything from scratch.
We will propose many ideas to you along with your company's concept. Even if it is new to you, our dedicated advisor can thoroughly support you until your debut in the cosmetic industry.
Q I would like to renew existing products.
Of course, we can help you. We can leave excellence of your existing products and make it even better with our know-how.

Q I would like to produce some cosmetic items, which is completely new in the market.
Please do not hesitate to tell us anything even if your request is completely unreasonable. Our experienced staff will prove limitless possibilities to you.

Q I have preferred ingredients for my product. Will you use them in the product?
As long as those ingredients can pass the safety and stability regulations, we will implement a development with various ingredients in order to satisfy your request.