製造工程 展示会のご案内
Corporate Philosophy
We have always provided "inspiring, comfort, and beauty" to our customers and the society. We shall respect the healthy environment that the nature gives us, we shall be coexistent with the nature, we shall recycle packaging materials, and we shall reuse water, we shall reduce waste materials. This is an oath that we shall make to contribute to the society.

Basic Policy
In order to pursue our corporate philosophy, Sanwa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd independently promotes every possible environmental conservation activity from development to production process.

  1. 1.We promise to promote genuine actions, product making and service to the people and society. We will do our best to conserve the environment, improve it and prevent any environmental pollution.
    1. (1) We always aim to improve our skills and enthusiastically propose a development design with full consideration to not only the safety and security but also the environment.
    2. (2) We pursue to rationalize energy use in order to contribute for the mitigation of climate change and prevention from global warming.

  2. 2.We promise to keep constant improvements by enforcing environmental conservation activities.
    1. (1) We plan to improve our performance for the environment by setting up a goal, implementing and reviewing the plans.
    2. (2) We plan to improve an environmental management system by arranging environmental audit on a regular basis.

  3. 3.We promise to follow all the regulations and any other related to the environment.

  4. 4.We promise to enhance environmental awareness of all the staff and the persons concerned and initiatively increase the understanding of the environmental management system.

  5. 5.We promise to contribute to our local environment throughout communication with neighborhood and local community.

Our Efforts
Clean up industrial water
From our longtime study and development, we are capable of converting industrial water to clean condition and then we drain the clean water. In this regard, we pay very close attention not to destroy the environment and ecosystem by checking if fish can inhabit in such water.

Transparency soap (production / soapsuds)
Compared to other cleaning agents, our company's soaps have such great merits. For instance, our soap is used for facial washing or bath soap and its wastewater can be naturally decomposable. Therefore, the soap does not harm the environment and it is very eco-friendly. We always consider the environment throughout product making.