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製造工程 展示会のご案内
A Greeting from the CEO
We have achieved firm trust from our national and international customers as a result of our innovative products. Our products are made with our hand-made spirit fostered by the traditions and sophisticated skills. We have always provided "inspiring, comfort, and beauty" to our customers and the society. We would like to keep contributing to the society through manufacturing and selling transparency soaps and general cosmetic products. Furthermore, we would like to keep challenging ourselves with flexible mindset and undying passion.

Chief Executive Officer Yasuhiko Inui

Company's profile
Corporate name Sanwa WINGS Co., Ltd.
Location Headquarters
467 Takaida Kashiwara City, Osaka 582-0015 Japan
Tel: 0081-72-971-1105 (Representative) * If calling from outside of Japan
Fax: 0081-72-973-3757 *If faxing from outside of Japan
Osaka Business Office
Inui Building 2 Chome-6-11 Bakuromachi, Chuo-ku Osaka City, Osaka 541-0059 Japan
Tel 06-6244-3631(代表) FAX 06-6244-3635 
Tokyo Business Office
Dennis Akasaka Building #602, 2 Chome-20-5, Akasaka, Minato-ku, 107-0052, Tokyo Japan
Tel: 0081-3-6277-6111 (If calling from outside of Japan)
Taiwan Business Office
Office 215, 2F, No. 52, Sec. 1, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei
Tel: 886-963-482-102
Founded 1960.04.06
Established 1960.10.01
Representative CEO Yasuhiko Inui
Number of Employees 80 employees (2013.11.15 at present)
Capital fund 96 million Yen *Approximately US$ 853,000 (US$1 = Jpn Yen 112)
Description of Business Manufacturing transparency soap and general cosmetic products
Correspondent Bank The Kiyo Bank, Ltd. / The bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Company History

1960. October.  We bought approximately 2,000 square meters(u)  at a place with scenic beauty in Osaka and built a steel constructed factory  of 600 square meters, specialized in transparent soap

1962. April.  As the demand increased much more, we opened our second factory of 700 square meters with steel-frame.

1967. July.  We bought up a land area of 1,770u in the adjoining land.

1967. November.  We increased a two-story storehouse of 700 square meters.

1969. May.  We increased a three-story steel-frame factory of 1,000 square meters.

1969. June. We bought up a land area of approximately 600 square meters.

1975. June.  As enterprise's responsibility, we completed to introduce anti-pollution equipment.

1980. July.  We increased four-story (partially five-story) packaging plant of 1,320 square meters. We launched on improving quality and developing new products with new methods of the modern plant.

1983. February.  We constructed five-story (partially six-story) headquarters building of approximately 650 square meters.

1990. October.  We completed ten-story integrated mill of 5,000 square meters at where the secondary factory was, to improve productivity, quality control, and work environment.

1991. February.  We introduced the recent model of automatic polishing device. We enabled to finish the same workload with only 4 workers compared to 30 workers in the past time.

1991. March.   We newly built a boiler building.

1991. April.  We introduced an automatic shutter packaging device.

2000. June.  We introduced stretch automatic packaging device.

2004. June.  Shiro Inui was appointed as the Honorary Chairman.
Yasuhiko Inui became the president.

2006. February.  We opened a management office in Awaji Cho, Chuoh- district, Osaka City.

2008. March.  We built a manufacture for only cosmetic products at the HQ land area.

2008. June.  We introduced the latest high speed emulsifier device.

2009. September. We introduced PJ300 a small model of filling machine for general purpose and tandem type heat sealer device.

2010. October.  We celebrated 50th year in business.

2012. October.  We moved the management office to Minami-Senba, Chuoh-district, Osaka City.

2014. September. We moved the management office to Bakurou-machi, Chuoh-district, Osaka City.

2014. October.  We opened up a new Sales Planning office in Akasaka, Minato-district, Tokyo.

2015. October. We celebrated 55th year in business.

2016. June. We introduced automatic tube type filling machine.

2016. December. We renewed waste water treatment system.

2019. May. We have opened a sales office in Taiwan.