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製造工程 展示会のご案内
We highly value on classic tradition, yet we always try to adopt new innovation for our OEM/ODM products.
No matter domestically or globally, OEM/ODM cosmetic development has been permeating customers with the diversity of their needs.
There are a lot of business opportunities in many countries such as the US, Europe, China, Korea and South East Asia. Its trustful business network has been expanding globally.
Our OEM/ODM cosmetic development is not only for Japan. We would always try to adopt every principles and we assure that we can product safe and innovative products.

Our dedicated staff for global market always assists your request.
In such globalization today, there are many companies who would strongly like to expand their OEM/ODM business in oversea. However you might give up on your opportunity due to complex procedure, or selecting different formula/fragrance for each country.
Sanwa WINGS is very particular that we perform research and development on made-in Japan cosmetic products. We have countless experience and know-how to propose our proud products to international clients. We have experiences in passing regulations for Chinese standard or other countries. We will assist you from creating qualified formula to applying for export.

We have plentiful results in contracting OEM/ODM cosmetic products with national or international clients.
We believe that clear communication and trust is essential for success in expanding business opportunities in oversea.
Sanwa WINGS has dedicated staff for the global market in order to assist your request no matter domestically or internationally.